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Our Achievements

We have members on each SDG at the district and wards level which networks through the villages of Pakistan and Africa and also includes program managers, vice chairman’s selected from serving political members and parliament, city councilors and regional commissioners as implementing partners, executives from top organizations of the world, consultants from INGOs, financial institutions and researchers from 149 countries having partnership consortiums from 27 countries around the globe and our trust is fully supported by single member company formed by Amb. Rubina H Ali – High Commissioner of World Humanity Commission – Asia/ Africa – UN SDGs and that company is called Fairmont Royal Group of Companies which in turn serves all the humanitarian initiatives taken by the trust and keeps only 5% of the profits after doing the capacity building for global governments for itself.


SDG# 1 & 2: Through our International Institute with relevant MOU's with UK, Europe and USA worked on Human Resource Development to end No Poverty and Zero Hunger.


SDG# 3: We were able to provide Quality Health Services including Wana Waziristan where we have Hospital and we have trained community health workers, technical health, and nursing candidates.


SDG# 4: We promoted Quality Education by Opening Early Childhood Schools, Primary Teachers Training Schools and Vocational Technical Center, UN SDG Awareness Training/Video for Pakistan and Africa.


SDG# 5: Formed a Group of Women from the community and each political party and trained them on entrepreneurship and peace advocacy.


SDG# 6: We have worked on Clean Water Projects in many districts of Pakistan’s and were able to provide Reverse Osmosis Filtration Plants, Filtration Plants supported by solar panels which resulted in reduction of contamination from 972 TDS to 113 TDS.


SDG# 7: We have promoted and our partners for climate change – sustainable planet – USA and have done MOUs to bring Affordable and Clean Energy in Pakistan and Africa.


SDG# 8: We have trained over 55,000 beneficiaries for decent work and economic growth.


SDG# 9: We have worked on global entrepreneurship events, innovation centers and awareness training for job placements through our IT Centers, ICT / Call Centers and Job Placement Centers throughout Pakistan and Africa. Also we were able to support and facilitate Silicon Valley in North Africa and worked on smart city projects facilitation for Pakistan and Africa.


SDG# 11: Discussed and Worked on National Policies in the Country with many Ministries and Projects in Pakistan and Africa.


SDG# 13: Provided training and project planning for climate action for Asia and Africa.


SDG# 14: We have trained Department of Fisheries for Pakistan with United Nations and World Bank Strategic Planners while coming up with Code of Practice with EU Funding.


SDG# 15: We have worked with Local Farmers to create awareness and provided the Training for Livestock, Poultry and Crops including the Agriculture Charter for Pakistan Government.


SDG# 16 & 9: Designed and Adopted the Feasibility Studies for many Central Asia Projects for Government of Pakistan.


SDG# 16: We have worked with Tribal Leaders and Beneficiaries in the Conflict and Fragile while promoting Peace and Justice.


SDG# 16: We have launched Global Peace Campaign from Pakistan while providing International Peace City Key to Deputy Mayor of Islamabad.


SDG# 17: We have worked on having Political Leaders adopt UN SDG's and Sign Declaration for Global Peace and Prosperity.

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