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Message of Founder President -

Amb. Rubina H Ali


● Minister of Foreign Affairs - Department of Foreign Affairs - World Humanity Commission
● High Commissioner – Asia / Africa / Gulf – UN SDG’s – World Humanity Commission
● Official Representative of the Future UNESCO Center at the UN, UNESCO, and UNIDO responsible for the formation of centers host UNESCO members states
● Ambassador in Residence (Pakistan) – World Humanity Commission
● Brigadier General and Front Line Police Officer - NIPCA - Philippines
● Ambassador – A.N.G.E.L Foundation
● CEO - Fairmont Royal Group of Companies
● Founder President - Global Learning Trust
● Email:
● Websites: – –


The goal is to be able to bring all citizens of the globe on one platform and educate humanity at large to learn and to live with tolerance, acceptance, harmony and peace.

Diplomat, Social sector development specialist founder of a trust - Global Learning Trust, Corporate executive Founder and CEO of Fairmont Royal Group of Companies, Writer, Career counselor and education expert, Global financial expert, US Certified Commercial Loan Broker, US tax consultant (Personal, Corp, Estate), Public Speaker, US Home healthcare and primary health care facilities government licensed Auditor (USA) for Medicare and Medicaid payments , US General Insurance Licensed Broker, Travel Specialist with previous assigned IATA, Commercial Real Estate Expert, President for Social Sector Wing Pakistan - Political Party (General Musharif), Fisheries EU funded project upliftment of fishermen livelihood/Code of Practice for vessels and chain management Certified UNIDO expert, Global strategic planner for infrastructure projects with government department and retired forces and intelligence to develop the countries, Merger, Acquisition and Negotiating specialist, Peace and Conflict Negotiator in the extreme areas of Afghanistan/Balochistan and have earned the title of BGen as well as Front Line Police Officer fighting the corruption and extreme violence under NIPCA, Importer/Exporter (Asia, USA, UK, Africa, Europe) of general and fashion merchandise, Hospitality/Diplomatic career projects (Europe) trainer and owner, Integrated healthcare specialist for community health worker, technical health training institutes in partnership with government hospitals, Boy Scouts of USA Scouts Fair Chairperson (40 Units) and Cub master, Senior Citizen Community Development and Senior Lifestyle organization founder in USA and specialist where I was offered by City Councilor (USA) to setup Senior Housing and Communities , US Federal Government Small Business Loan Certified Technical Expert and volunteers for Entrepreneurship Help Office, Advisor to many Governments, political leaders in Pakistan and Africa as a diplomat for the development of the country, Board Director, Partner and Governing Council Member for many Universities, Global Peace and Prosperity mission and organization founder - Global Peace and Prosperity Foundation to setup Global Peace/Justice and Prosperity Centers, Global Recruiting Specialist and partner with Licensed Recruiting Companies helping with finding training and screening Logistics, Port, Health and Hospitality employees for HR, ) , Global Security analyst, Emergency Charter presenter to government and International Director for Farmers Association, UN SDG's trainer and campaigner for Pakistan and Africa, Merchant Shipping industry expert (Australia) , Leadership and development specialist, Budgeting and Monitoring specialist for donors & investors, Mining, oil and IT technology industry project planning legal documentation specialist, and Procurement Specialist.
Technical team expert for donor-funded projects particularly in transitional, conflict, or post-conflict countries, working as Minister of Foreign Affair - World Humanity Commission with foreign, finance, and investment/planning ministries of various governments to set up embassies for peace and humanity and to connect them with global development projects to achieve UN SDG’s. Worked in Pakistan, Africa, and the USA on many social/commercial sector projects and to develop human resources through Government technical/vocational Centers and Government High Schools in second shift training approximately 55000 youth and adults for English Conversation/Nursing/Paramedical/Technical Health/skilled training courses to create jobs while connecting youth
wings for all political parties and to reduce violence. Created a wing for Media and Community Protection and
provided training around border areas for refugees to get help and know UN Declaration for Human Rights. Helped
Minorities/Churches to have clean water and Job Security. Help Implementing the Disaster Management plans for
Emergency Preparedness and other related trainings. Created a team for Transparency, Compliance, and Good
Governance training for the newly appointed politicians and government officials as well as promoting women for
political participation and peace advocacy. Promoted Quality education in partnership with Federal Government
Skills and Good Governance Presidential Training Centers as well through a network of schools
ECHD/Primary/Middle/High (American High School) and ran foundation courses institute for Level 3 and 4
(Performance Management and Project Management Modules) from UK. Worked on Quality health through District
Health Quarter hospitals running General and Midwife Nursing, Para-Medical Technical courses
(Lab/Medical/Pharmacy Technicians) with Government Hospitals and Clinics. Created Legal Aid team by bringing in
lawyers and retired forces officials on Legal Wing for our trust. Created a wing for Research and Innovation by
bringing in the top innovators and youth talent to promote technology in every sector including AI and Nano.
Worked on peace advocacy/interfaith harmony through many organizations and tribal communities. Women
empowerment and Entrepreneurship centers specialist for Pakistan to promote Industry Infrastructure and global
marketing. Worked on Clean water by providing Filtration and Reverse Osmosis Filtration, Solar Energy, and other
Climate Change Projects.
I would like to bring social and investment sector funding and financing for both sectors to participate in the UN
SDGs for Sustainable Planet. It’s my utmost desire to develop communities and bring global peace and prosperity
with the right group of stakeholders.

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