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“Water Crisis, Sanitization and Hygiene/Community Health Worker Training”





GLOBAL LEARNING aims to create such a health system in Pakistan that provides complete healthcare solutions for individuals, families, and the corporate sector especially focusing on the unfulfilled needs through integration of health services specifically to people who don’t have access to these services. We are contributing in developing a society that is health-conscious and prepared to face the threat of any disease that it may face now or in the future through our services in the health sector. We are planning to provide practical support to healthcare organizations and local government hospitals and clinics in developing and improving health services locally and nationally.

• Nursing Schools
• First Aid and Emergency Training Centers
• Feeding/Nutrition Center
• E mobile units/trauma center at DHQ
• Polio Eradication and immunization
• Medical Billing
• TB/Hepatitis/AIDS/Malaria Research and Medications
• Maternal and Child Care
• Communicable and Non-Communicable Awareness Camps
• Health Reporting
• Psychosocial Help for IDP’s
• Para Medical Training/Community Health Worker training

Clean Water

• To provide independent technical advice on all aspects of drinking water quality

• Regulating drinking water supplies through maintenance of water supply system

• Minimizing the risk of the public being exposed to unsafe drinking water

Quality Health / Clean Water

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