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Gender Equality


“Women Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Peace Advocacy”

Empowering women and including women in the national stream of development is one of the biggest challenges in the developing world. In Pakistan, women’s participation in society has been limited, and efforts to increase their inclusion in political social and economic life have been met with resistance. GLOBAL LEARNING has done tremendous work in gender empowerment and mainstreaming. Our Trust is focused on empowering women by providing services like Gender-Based Budgeting, Gender Training and Education, Rural livelihood training's, Social protection, Hygiene and Health Trainings.


•          Women Business Skills Center


•          Setup of small enterprises for women 


•          Cottage Industry


•          Vocational Training Institutes


•          Connecting women global marketing for imports and exports


•          Awareness training on life threatening diseases


•          Hygiene training/HACCP/Job Safety Training


•          Para Legal Services/Child Labor Law/Violence Extremism


•          Training on Livestock and Home Gardening

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